A tiny, rice-grained size chip that can help bring your pet back home if they ever get lost.

If your pet has ever wandered off or gone missing, a microchip will give them a better chance of getting home. Pet companions are sometimes very curious about their environments, and a microchip would prevent them from being permanently lost. The chip is the size of a rice grain and is implanted beneath the skin. With a microchip, a pet owner updates their address with the chip company so that when their pet’s chip is scanned, they can be reunited.

How is my pet microchipped?

Implanting a microchip is a quick procedure that we regularly perform at our clinic. A needle is used to insert the chip under the loose skin at the back of the neck. The process is painless, and your pet will only feel a slight pinch. The pinch may be compared to receiving an injection.

Why should I consider microchipping my pet?

Microchips are a good idea because they have no negative side effects. Unlike ID tags, the chips don’t need to be replaced or changed. Each microchip has an ID number that is connected to current information submitted by pet owners. Our team will assist you with registering your contact information after your pet is microchipped. A pet without a microchip whose tag or collar was lost may end up in a shelter and be adopted. To learn more about microchips, please contact us at 519-641-8383.

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