Bloodwork Services

Bloodwork serves as a crucial diagnostic tool, providing valuable health insights into patients.

Blood testing is a major diagnostic tool that we use at our clinic. It isn’t always possible to perform a physical examination and determine what health issues a pet has. With regular blood testing, we get a clear picture of your pet’s overall health. Both healthy and sick pets benefit from having their blood work done. Bloodwork is a routine service provided at our clinic and is performed by our licensed technicians. 

Should my pet fast before bloodwork?

Yes, this is ideal. Fasting before having bloodwork helps provide better blood samples. We ask that your pet avoid food for at least 6 hours before having their bloodwork done. If your pet consumes food before lab work is done, the samples could be skewed and this may result in needing blood to be drawn again.

Why are blood tests important?

  • To establish baseline health. Baseline health information is needed before each surgery. This can also be used to compare blood count levels in the future. When a veterinarian examines blood count levels, they are able to determine blood clotting ability, hydration levels, immune response and if your pet has anemia or infections.
  • To diagnose illnesses. Blood testing is used to diagnose diabetes, leukemia, liver disease and many more illnesses.

Where is blood taken from my pet?

Blood is usually drawn from a vein in the neck or leg. Our team is highly skilled in making the experience comfortable for your pet. They will only feel a pinch, and it is over within seconds.

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